Dermacyn® Wound Care

Antimicrobial Wound-Irrigation Solution

The Greatest Efficacy • Safe as Saline

Indicated for the treatment of all types of chronic, acute and burn wounds.


The Greatest Efficacy – Clinically Proven

Dermacyn® Wound Care irrigation solution has outstanding antimicrobial power. Dermacyn® Wound Care eliminates the unpleasant odours that often occur in infected wounds with excellent efficacy – and within just a few minutes of exposure to Dermacyn®.

The Dermacyn® Wound Care effect has been proven under clinical conditions: in a controlled prospective study*, 90% of patients had a significant increase in granulation and improvement in the surrounding skin.

*Martinez-De Jesus FR, Ramos-De la Medina A, Remes-Troche JM, Armstrong DG, WU SC, Lazaro Martinez JL, Beneit-Montesinos JV. Efficacy and safety of neutral pH superoxidised solution in sever diabetic foot infections. Int Wound J 2007; doi:10.1111/j.1742-481X.2007.00363.x.

Test the efficacy yourself:

Use Dermacyn® Wound Care for wounds with a particularly strong odour such as Pseudomonas infections. The odour will be reduced significantly in just a short time.

Dermacyn® Wound Care effectively kills gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria (including MRSA) viruses, fungi, and spores.


Maximum Tolerance – Proven Safety


Over 10 million patients have been treated worldwide with Dermacyn® Wound Care, including patients in Europe, the USA, South America, across the Middle East, Africa, Australia, China, Japan and India. More than 40 official clinical studies have been conducted; all without any indication of irritation, sensitization, toxicity, eye irritation or bacterial resistance.

Exclusive: Dermacyn® Wound Care for NPW therapy

Because of its maximum tolerance, Dermacyn® Wound Care can be used with all the usual positive and negative-pressure therapies, such as V.A.C. Instill®. For ease of use, Dermacyn® Wound Care is offered in a special hanging bottle with a piercing cone.

Operating Principle of a Substance Produced Naturally in the Body

Dermacyn® Wound Care replicates the body’s defence mechanisms against pathogens: Foreign substances are not eliminated chemically but are destroyed by a purely natural, physical process. The decisive factor is the essential ingredient, hypochlorous acid (HOCI). It is a crucial component of the body’s innate immune system.

The mechanical effect of the Dermacyn® Wound Care.

The Dermacyn® Wound Care wound-irrigation solution facilitates the mechanical removal of microorganisms and cell debris. Microorganisms are rinsed away with Dermacyn® Wound Care; other soluble components are removed. Dermacyn® Wound Care can also be left on the wound for softening.

Facilitates debridement, because previously damaged cells, as are found in large volumes in infected wounds, can be lysed more quickly under the influence of Dermacyn® Wound Care.

Dermacyn’s 500ml bottle is spiked & squeezable, allowing you to determine the pressure of irrigation.

Test the tolerance yourself:

Dermacyn® Wound Care is tolerated so well that even swallowing or eye contact does not lead to any irritation. Use Dermacyn® Wound Care the next time peritoneal or joint irrigation is needed.


1. Disruption of the cell wall.

Dermacyn® Wound Care surrounds single-celled microorganisms. The hypochlorous acid attacks the cell wall of the micro-organisms and increases its permeability. Since our body’s cells have the necessary processes to prevent cell damage, they are not destroyed.


2. Osmolysis – The bursting of the cells.

The hypertonic Dermacyn® Wound Care solution ensures that the solution increasingly flows into the cells to equalise the osmotic gradient. The result is osmolysis: The increasing internal pressure causes the cells to burst. This purely physical effect ensures a highly effective reduction in pathogen load.

Dermacyn® Wound Care at a Glance

Advantage of Dermacyn® Wound Care in comparison to chemical substances

Dermacyn® Wound Care combines potent antimicrobial efficacy with a safety profile identical to standard saline solution. Dermacyn® Wound Care combats microorganisms in the same natural manner as our body’s own defence mechanisms.

  • Broad antimicrobial effect (bacteria, viruses, spores, fungi)
  • Can remain in the wound and does not need to be rinsed out.
  • Can also be used to exposed joint, cartilage, ligaments, and tendons, as well as in the inner ear, the abdomen, and the eye.
  • No resistance
  • Hypoallergenic

Maximum efficacy

Through its antimicrobial effect, Dermacyn® wound-irrigation solution ensures a powerful & reliable reduction of microbial load, and with regular use, prevents a recurrence of pathogen production. Dermacyn® Wound Care also facilitates the mechanical removal of microorganisms and cell debris.

Maximum tolerance

The essential component of Dermacyn® Wound Care is hypochlorous acid (HOCI). It is an important constituent of our innate immune system and is formed and released by the macrophages during phagocytosis as a substance produced naturally in the body. Because of this process, the reaction of Dermacyn® Wound Care is directed exclusively against single-celled microorganisms and not against more highly organized cell structures (such as human tissue). This results in significant advantages over other wound-irrigation solutions and antiseptic solutions.

Dermacyn® Wound Care has no side effect on human cells

Dermacyn® Wound Care is not cytotoxic

Dermacyn® Wound Care does NOT trigger any early aging processes

Not Only an Antiseptic

Unlike conventional Antiseptics that delay wound healing, Dermacyn Wound Care is the only Antiseptic that has proven wound healing properties:

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

  • In vitro studies have shown Dermacyn inhibits the degranulation of mast cells,
    therefore stopping the release of inflammatory chemicals, such as cytokines & histamine. This is proven to be a benefit when moving
    chronic wounds passed a prolonged inflammatory stage.

Promotes Fibroblast Migration

  • Dermacyn® has demonstrated on human dermal fibroblast in vitro, to promote fibroblast migration which leads to accelerated wound healing.

Increases Tissue Oxygenation

  • Dermacyn® has shown to increase tissue oxygenation after 60 seconds of exposure to the wound bed, TcPO2 levels double and were sustained for 36 hours.

Sources: 1 J. Medina-Tamayo et al. / International Immunopharmacology 7 (2007) 1013–1024; 2 Gonza lez-Espinosa D, et al, Effects of pH- neutral, super-oxidised solution on human dermal fibroblasts in vitro. Int Wound J 2007;4:241–250; 3 Cheryl M. Bongiovanni, PhD, RVT, CWS The Journal for Vascular Ultrasound 30(4):215–218, 2006.

Dermacyn® Wound Care is ideal for use in exposed joints, tendons, bones, and ligaments. In addition, it is possible to use Dermacyn® Wound Care for installation in NPWT and in peritoneal and joint irrigation.


Usage Information

Clean & Irrigate the wound with Dermacyn® Wound Care; the process can be repeated up to three times daily or whenever the bandage changed.

Alternatively, the wound can also be cleaned with compresses (gauze) soaked in Dermacyn® Wound Care. May keep gauze soaked with Dermacyn in wound bed as wet to dry dressing.

Adhering bandages can be loosened easily and without trauma using Dermacyn® Wound Care to moisten the adhering bandages.

Practical info

  • The Dermacyn® Wound Care is a ready-to-use, pH-neutral antimicrobial wound-irrigation solution.
  • pH-value 7.0
  • Shelf-life of up to 36 months at room temperature if not opened
  • Can be warmed before use with no problem (up to 40C)


Oxidized Water 99.97%, sodium chloride 0.023%, hypochlorous acid 0.003%, sodium hypochlorite 0.004%.

Dermacyn® Wound Care is an environmentally friendly product, which can be disposed of with no special disposal requirements.


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