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The science of behind the Microcyn® Technology -at the same time- simple and highly complex. Developed intelligently and with scientific rigour, it is rendered safe, stable and consistent in an advanced formulation that is broad-spectrum antimicrobial and Safe as Saline. That is exactly what the patented Microcyn® Technology provides you.

Under development and continuous refinement for the past 20 years, Microcyn® Technology is the original and very first hypochlorous acid technology introduced into the U.S. advanced dermatology market.

Microcyn® Technology is highly stable (up to two years or more), proven safe (non-cytotoxic) and consistent in formulation with every bottle delivered. Guaranteed.

No other hypochlorous acid on the market can weigh in with comparable claims. Not one.

Epicyn™ Scar Management Hydrogel is FDA approved and has been clinically shown to improve the texture, color, softness and overall appearance of scars.

  • Broad Spectrum Antimicrobial
  • Can be used safely on open wounds. No need to wait for the wound to heal.
  • Clinically proven to soften and flatten raised scars while reducing redness and discoloration
  • Clear and odorless treatment that is suitable for all skin types
  • Relieves scar-associated itch and pain
  • Ideal for scars of various sizes, shapes, and locations
  • Air dries quickly with no need for coverings or dressings

Pediacyn™ Atopic Dermatitis Hydrogel helps relieve the itch and pain associated with atopic dermatitis and other skin dermatoses.

  • Anti-inflammatory and Broad Spectrum Antimicrobial
  • Reduces pain, itch, and redness associated with skin dermatoses
  • Safe to use around the mouth, eyes, and nose
  • Non-toxic, non-irritating and no steroids
  • Safe and effective alternative to bleach baths

In a clinical pilot study, performed by Dr. Rebecca Smith, among 15 patients with mild-to-moderate atopic dermatitis, the treatment of Pediacyn™ in combination with an emollient was investigated. The outcome of this pilot study was:

Reduction in itch, pain, dryness, and redness by 50% or more and over 60% reduction in symptoms of atopic dermatitis: induration, excoriation, erythema and lichenification (a thick, leathery skin, usually the result of constant scratching and rubbing).

FaceCool™ is a next-generation hydrogel and solution combo pack that provides an anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effect to treat mild-to-moderate acne.

  • Safe to use around mouth, eyes and nose
  • Non-toxic, non-irritating and non-staining
  • Supports the body’s own healing process
  • Both anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial

In a 12-week double-blinded, placebo-controlled, parallel-group, randomized clinical trial with FaceCool™ vs benzoyl peroxide among 87 patients, the outcome was significant compared to the standard acne treatment with benzoyl peroxide.

Over 5 Million

people have been successfully treated with Microcyn® Technology products – Without ANY adverse reactions reported.

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