High Level – Hospital Grade 

MicroSafe has been successfully tested against the HUMAN CORONA VIRUS – CONTACT US TODAY FOR THE STUDIES.


The Future of Infection Control.

Virucidal • Bactericidal • Sporicidal • Fungicidal • Tuberculocidal

All testing done in accordance with rules and regulations set forth by the US FDA, Australian TGA, European CE-EN Standards.
Total biocidal effect reached after 30 seconds exposure to the MicrosSafe Disinfectant & Sanitizer.

What is it?

The MicroSafe® Disinfectant & Sanitizer is the next level in infection control, the leader in a new class of disinfectants and the most advanced disinfectant in the world.

MicroSafe® is the world’s first and only shelf stable electrolysed water with unmatched properties, 100% natural and without any harmful chemicals. MicroSafe® is made using the Microcyn® Technology.

Composition of Ingredients:

• 99.97 % Electrolysed Water

• 0.023 % Sodium Chloride (Salt)

• 0.004 % Sodium Hypochlorite

• 0.003 % Hypochorous Acid

How is it made?

An electrochemical process generates a pH-neutral and balanced solution of hypochlorous acid (HOCl) and sodium hypochlorite. The HOCl is similar to the natural HOCl produced by the human body. It replicates the bodies’ own defence mechanism against pathogens, destroying them by a purely natural physical process.

Why is MicroSafe different?

Eliminates viruses, bacteria and fungi in seconds

• Non – Corrosive

• Non – Toxic • Alcohol – Free

• pH – Neutral

• No safety equipment required

• Safe as Water

One Product – Multiple Purposes

MicroSafe® is indicated to sterilize hard surfaces by spraying directly onto the surface, for medical devices by submerging the device in MicroSafe, and also for fumigation into the air-space.

When fumigated, MicroSafe® has demonstrated the ability to kill a wide range of airborne pathogens and significantly reduce the spread of infectious disease. MicroSafe® is designed and recommended to be sprayed in the presence of Human traffic, exposing the public to the solution.

For more detailed application possibilities please visit our Australian Website at www.microsafe.com.au.

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