Microcyn® Wound & Burn Hydrogel

Microcyn® Wound & Burn Hydrogel

World’s First Broad Spectrum Anti-Microbial Hydrogel – Safe as Saline

For the treatment of all types of Chronic and Acute Wounds as well as all types of Burns.

U.S. – F.D.A. Description

Microcyn is a Broad Spectrum Anti-Microbial Hydrogel that belongs to a new class of anti-septics known as Super-Oxidized Solution. Microcyn is a clear, viscous, odourless, aqueous hydrogel that is pH-neutral, non-irritating, non-sensitizing and non-cytotoxic to granulation tissue.

U.S. FDA approved for use on any acute or chronic wounds and all types of burns.

Intended uses include the following:

  • Reduces microbial load.
  • Maintains a moist wound environment.
  • Supports the wound healing process by encouraging autolytic debridement.
  • Provides a barrier to protect the wound or burn against contamination.
  • Absorbs moisture and controls wound exudates.
  • Relieves pain, inflammation, and pruritus (itching).

Microcyn Hydrogel is the World’s First Broad Spectrum Anti-Microbial Hydrogel in a spray form – Microcyn devastates pathogens of any kind in seconds, without any toxicity to human tissue.


Key Benefits


Ready To Use Spray Hydrogel: Avoiding physical contact reduces the risk of contamination, pain and irritation. By spraying directly from the bottle onto the affected area, there is no need to rub the wound or burn.

Rapid Kill Time of a single-celled microorganism in seconds of contact – including fungi, spores, viruses and tuberculosis.

Safe as Water: In accordance with U.S. FDA and ISO standards, Microcyn has demonstrated Zero-Cytotoxicity, Zero-Dermal Sensitization, Zero-Dermal irritation.

Compatibility: May be safely and effectively used in combination with any type of wound care dressing and skin substitutes. No drug/treatment interaction or contraindications.

Microcyn Hydrogel is F.D.A. approved to kill a broad spectrum of gram (-)/(+)  bacteria in 30 seconds.

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